Go for a Swim?

Who am I you ask?
For starters my name is Jason, so nice to meet you.

My wife and I live on the south shore of Boston with two Scottish Terriers (hence the picture). We’re expecting to add a new, less furry member to the family in April.  We moved to the area from the great state of Maine about two years ago but we still keep in touch on a regular basis.

How do I while away the hours?
For the last two years I have been working at a fair sized world travel/cruise line agency headquartered in downtown Boston as a Revenue Analyst/Marketer.

This Means….
I am currently swimming in the direct mail pool. Yes my day is composed of acquisition costs, ROI’s, discounts and production deadlines. After two years I am ready to take off the Floaties and jump into the deep end.

Online Marketing.
Combine 75% of the US population now surfing the net with the innovative and powerful nature of social media and what do you get? A brilliant marketing opportunity.

What I love about online marketing is that it hasn’t reached its end point yet. We are still just starting to understand social media and how it enhances our experiences and relationships with one another.The possibilities boggle the mind! Much of this is new to me and I look forward to the challenges ahead.

My blog’s blog: This blog is dedicated to those challenges and mastering the strategies, application, and nuances of online marketing and social media

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