Yes I am growing a mustache, I am so glad you asked!

imageBecause this blog is dedicated to all things social media, I figured I might try a little experiment, test the waters so to speak.

As we’ve been discussing, social media provides the perfect medium to connect with friends, family and acquaintances so it’s only natural that fundraising would find its way to the social media platform.

On February 1st, I shaved my face to raise money for Community Servings, a Boston based, non-profit whose mission is providing individuals and families with critical and chronic illnesses with nutritious meals. Their goal is to help clients maintain their health and dignity while sending a message of caring direct from their community.


I was drawn to this non-profit because of their simple but powerful mission. With efficient preparation, just 25 dollars can sponsor an individual for an entire week.

Did I also mention that I really wanted to grow a mustache?  Yes, Community servings is hosing an event called “Mustacho Bashio” and it’s pretty ingenious.


Here’s how it works: Community Servings asks participants to shave on the first on February when, from that point on, they grow a mustache for the month. Using social media, events and constantly answering the question “Why are you growing that mustache?” they will generate awareness and raise money to meet their goal.

It’s a marketing bonanza! 

So I have gathered a group of 5 fearless gentleman who have already shaven clean to join me on this growing adventure.

Stay tuned for regular updates and find out how I tweaked the social wires to reach my goal.

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Oh by the way………………….
Feel free to make donation if you are so inclined.

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